Over the years The Hair Care and Trichology Clinic has built strong relationships with many of the top wig designers of today, this relationship has allowed us to work even closer with our clients when it comes to colour and style and our experience ensures that you will look confident even if inside you are not quite there yet.

Whether you have lost hair over a period of time or it has all gone at once, the feeling of loss is genuine because your appearance is so obviously changing. This can be for some a time to embrace the change and accept it but for most, even if it is just for going out, the option of having a wig is an important one.

It is with this in mind that we offer a wig selection and fitting service that will give you the time and experience you need to both choose a style and colour whilst learning the basics of how to wear and care for your new hair. We offer Wigs, Headwear and clip on styles that will help you to find your confidence and we also provide hair enhancers, these are designed to add volume by pulling your own hair through the holes in the enhancer and blending the two for a perfectly natural look.

All of our products come from the best manufacturers and can be purchased in a selection of colours, each blended with up to 11 separate base tones, resulting in a natural stylish look. In the same way that natural hair can have transitional tones, some of the wigs follow this pattern with colours that begin with darker shades in the nape of the wig and blend gradually to frame the face and ends of the hair with a natural lighter shade.

All of our wigs are designed to give a very natural look, they are light and easy to adjust and many have an ultra-fine mesh through which your own skin tone shows through to compliment that look.

We are able after consultation offer Rapture tape hair extensions if its suitable for your hair .

We are proud to have worked with and supported for several years  the Little Princess Trust fitting wig for children and young people.


VAT exemption is available to clients who wear wigs for necessity reasons. Necessity reasons include alopecia, hair loss, as a result of chemotherapy or any other medical condition. This can be confirmed by your GP or in-house by our registered trichologist.